Libya Crisis Map: 3rd Situation Report

Taskforce Report: Libya Crisis Map
Date: March 8 (reports at 12pm EST)


  • Over 450 unique reports mapped; no new 3Ws information added since last report
  • The pattern of reports in the past 48-72 hours shows a shift in the conflict: it is becoming more intense.  Since March 6, reports on armed attacks, armed threats, deaths and injured people have more than doubled. Bin Jawad, Zawiyah, Zintan, Misratah, Ras Alnuf, Brega, Tripoli all report violence. Reports describe shelling, destruction of health infrastructure, and the continued involvement of foreign mercenaries. There are claims and counter claims on who controls what towns.
  • Zawiyah appears to be the site of the most brutal fighting to date. Reports on heavy fighting, often targeting civilians, began on March 4 and intensified on March 7. There are reports of shelling, snipers, and attacks on hospitals and private homes. March 7 saw an attempt by Gadaffi forces to recapture the city (sometimes reported as a siege of the city) The latest report on Zawiyah came in over 24 hours ago.
  • Reports on violence against civilians are beginning to emerge, including people used as human shields, increasing civilian deaths and hostage situations.
  • There has been a strong slow down in reports on border crossings, with only three new reports since March 6. Reports on refugees / IDPs have also slowed down, with no new locations mapped.
  • Much of the slow down seems to be a result of a near halt in border crossings to Tunisia. There is anecdotal information that Tunisia feels unable to take more refugees. On March 5, there was also a report that people fleeing for Tunisia had to pass through dozens of checkpoints on the way from Tripoli to the border, and a second report stating that the road between Tripoli and Ras Ejdir (on the border) was dangerous, with people being prevented from travelling to Tunisia. There is also mention of a camp on the Libyan side of the border to Tunisia where people are being kept from fleeing across the border.

  • There appears to be increased repression of freedom of expression. Only one additional report of demo / protest since March 6 has appeared, and there are several reports of internet black outs and other communication shut downs.
  • There is no dramatic increase in reported needs (health, food, water), with the exception of a large increase in medical supplies needed (not matched by an increase in the need for other health services).
  • In Benghazi, the height of fighting appears to be over. Most reports from this location now focus not on violence, but rather on the need for fuel, water and medical supplies. There are some suggestions that eastern parts of Libya may be cut off from supplies and suffer soon. The following organizations are reportedly operating in Benghazi: ICRC, WHO, Islamic Relief, IMC, MSF, Red Cross and Red Crescent, WFP

Reports on Incidents by Category

Reports on Incidents by Location

Violence: armed attacks, armed threats, deaths, injured people

Armed attacks resulting in deaths


Reports on Needs by Category

Reports on Humanitarian Response from Social Media by Category

Reports on Humanitarian Response from OCHA 3Ws by Category

Needs versus Response

Reported needs: health, food, shelter

Humanitarian response: pink = official OCHA reports; green = social media reports; purple = both

Reports by source

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