Thank You video from UNHCR’s Deputy High Commissioner

My fellow SBTF Satellite Team co-lead Shadrock Roberts and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with UNHCR’s Deputy High Commissioner Alexander Aleinikoff whilst in Geneva for ICCM. Here is a short thank you video from Professor Aleinikoff to everyone who worked on the UNCHR-Somalia Satellite Imagery Project. Apologies for the low volume, if anyone can provide a recording with better volume, please let us know! In the meantime, the transcript of the thank you video is below.

“I’m Alex Aleinikoff, the Deputy High Commissioner of UNHCR and I’ve just learned about the wonderful work done by the which has permitted us to count shelters in the Afgooye Corridor in Somalia through the volunteer work of folks like you around the world. This is such a wonderful project for us it provides enormously important information to UNHCR and helps to create a worldwide virtual community involved in helping refugees and internally displaced people. So I salute you for your work and for the time you have devoted to this project, it’s important to us, it’s important to people who have been forced from their homes and who are trying to create a new home and a new beginning, thank you.”


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