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standbytaskforce.com 101

During the week of August 7, the standbytaskforce.com held three online trainings on the basics of crisis mapping for volunteers.  The first was facilitated by volunteer coordinator Kirk Morris, the second by geolocation guru Sentil Chinnachamy, and the third by the inimitable Melissa Elliott. Each training covered the basics of crisis mapping, highlighting [...]
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Esri User Conference CrisisMappers meetup - Where crisis meets the map!

For the past three years, during  the month of July, I’ve made it a point to visit the Disneyland in San Diego. I am sure you are already questioning my sanity. “Really, Disneyland in San Diego?” Well, yes. As all geo-geeks would agree, the International User Conference organized by Esri ( it’s Ezree) in San Diego is, [...]
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What the SBTF is Not

We feel that it may at times be a bit confusing for people to understand what the SBTF’s aims are and what we want to achieve. There are several misconceptions about what we do and who we are so we decided to write this blog post to clarify some issues.  1. The SBTF doesn’t aim [...]
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